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Adapted by Rajiv Jhangiani, Capilano University

  • 01

    Aggression can be generally defined as ________.

  • 02

    Aggression comes in two forms: ________ and ________.

  • 03

    Josh is angry that Dylan got the solo for the band's winter concert. Josh now wants to get back at Dylan and make him suffer. This is an example of what form of aggression?

  • 04

    Raylan's coach has given her the task of guarding the opposing team's leading scorer. To do this, Raylan has to get more physical than usual to help minimize the player's scoring impact. Raylan is exhibiting ________ aggression.

  • 05

    Women tend to hold a(n) ________ view of aggression; whereas men tend to hold a(n) ________ view of aggression.

  • 06

    Punching, pushing, and using insulting language are all examples of ________ aggression.

  • 07

    Brian refuses to shake Lionel’s hand. This is an example of ________ and ________ aggression.

  • 08

    The expressive view of aggression suggests that ________.

  • 09

    The text cites all of the following as reasons for gender differences in aggression EXCEPT ________.

  • 10

    Raymond comes from a(n) ________, a culture in which strong norms suggest that aggression is an appropriate response to an insult or threat to one's honour.

  • 11

    Dr. Buss believes that the need to obtain limited resources necessary for survival resulted in adaptive aggressive behaviour. Dr. Buss likely subscribes to the _______ theory of aggression.

  • 12

    Dr. Ludy believes that aggression is an innate and inevitable force. She likely subscribes to what theory of aggression?

  • 13

    What hormone is of particular interest in the study of aggression?

  • 14

    Jesse is upset and annoyed that he cannot seem to grasp the material covered on his calculus exam. This feeling can be described as ________.

  • 15

    What theory suggests that when a person experiences something with a negative result, aggressive behaviour can often occur in the wake of that experience?

  • 16

    Bandura's famous Bobo doll study exhibited the powerful effects of ________.

  • 17

    According to the general aggression model, two major types of input variables that can trigger events that can lead to aggression are ________ factors and ________ factors.

  • 18

    An undesirable experience that may include pain, discomfort, attack, or overcrowding is known as a(n) ________.

  • 19

    All of the following environmental cues are related to increased levels of aggression EXCEPT ________.

  • 20

    One of the major flaws in the use of punishment as a method to reduce aggression is that ________.