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Adapted by Rajiv Jhangiani, Capilano University

  • 01

    Which of the following is the BEST definition of a group?

  • 02

    Which of the following is NOT an example of a way in which the presence of others affects individual behaviour?

  • 03

    According to Zajonc’s theory of social facilitation, when we have an audience, we experience physiological arousal which leads us to perform ________.

  • 04

    Which of the following would be the most difficult action to perform well in the presence of others?

  • 05

    All of the following are presented in the chapter as factors that may lead to increased arousal EXCEPT ________.

  • 06

    Marion is preparing to recite a monologue in front of her theatre class. She becomes self-conscious and unsure about her abilities after feeling that she is going to be judged by her classmates and professor. This is an example of ________.

  • 07

    The idea that a person performing a task in front of others experiences a conflict of attention between the audience and the task at hand is known as ________.

  • 08

    The tendency among individuals performing a group task to exert less effort than if they were performing the task alone is known as ________.

  • 09

    ________ and ________ are more prone to social loafing.

  • 10

    Coach Taylor is trying to reduce the amount of social loafing that occurs on his team. Which one of the following suggestions is LEAST likely to help him with this goal?

  • 11

    The tendency for an individual within a group to let go of self-awareness and restraint and do what the group is doing is known as ________.

  • 12

    Following their Stanley Cup final loss, some Vancouver Canucks fans went into a frenzy, rioting in the streets, looting from stores, and damaging millions of dollars worth of property. This mob mentality was likely motivated by what tendency?

  • 13

    Which of the following is NOT an antecedent condition associated with deinidviduation?

  • 14

    All of the following are recognized in the chapter as factors that affect group decision making EXCEPT ________.

  • 15

    Damian was investing with a group of his friends and found himself taking greater risk with their money than he would if he were investing as an individual. This is an example of ________.

  • 16

    ________ is a manner of thinking that happens when the desire for harmony in a decision-making group overrides a realistic evaluation of other solutions.

  • 17

    What type of leader believes in inspiring his or her followers with energy and devotion, thereby transforming the group and its members?

  • 18

    Dr. Elliott is the director of his firm and believes in a ladder of authority. He considers people on lower rungs to be subordinates and believes they are required to follow instructions set forth by their manager. What type of leader is Dr. Elliott?

  • 19

    The perceived incompatibility of actions, goals, or ideas is known as ________.

  • 20

    Tarah and her roommate cannot agree on rules for their living situation. They decide to use ________, a means of resolving conflict that involves each girl making offers, counteroffers, and concessions.