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Adapted by Rajiv Jhangiani, Capilano University

  • 01

    Your best friend asks you which of two movies you would rather see. If you don’t really feel strongly about either movie, your attitude is ________.

  • 02

    Miranda describes her relationship with exercising as a love/hate relationship. She hates the effort of exercising, but loves the feeling she gets after a good workout. This contradictory emotional experience is described as ________.

  • 03

    ________ attitudes are activated without awareness; while ________ attitudes are attitudes of which one is aware.

  • 04

    A stimulus that elicits a response automatically, without learning taking place, is known as a(n) ________.

  • 05

    In Pavlov's experiments, what represented the conditioned response?

  • 06

    Jake's parents listened to R&B a great deal while he was growing up, and now as a young adult Jake likes R&B. What principle might explain this?

  • 07

    Operant conditioning occurs through the mechanisms of ________.

  • 08

    Every time Elaina comes home after curfew, she is grounded for a week. Therefore, she works hard to be home on time. This is an example of ________.

  • 09

    Acquiring an attitude or behaviour due to the observation of others exhibiting that attitude or behaviour is known as ________.

  • 10

    A technique used to tap into implicit attitudes using self-report data is the ________.

  • 11

    Which one of the following statements about the Implicit Association Test is TRUE?

  • 12

    LaPiere's study of racial prejudice against the Chinese in the United States in 1934 examined ________.

  • 13

    According to the theory of planned behaviour, all of the following lead to behaviour EXCEPT ________.

  • 14

    A ________ attitude is ________ likely to predict behaviour.

  • 15

    ________ reflects the degree to which a concept is active in our consciousness.

  • 16

    Dr. Rodriguez is a dentist who spends much of her day evaluating patients' teeth and dental health. When she meets people, she often notices their teeth and dental hygiene first. This is likely due to ________.

  • 17

    Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in the four-step model of cognitive dissonance?

  • 18

    Chris has always believed in saving 50 percent of his paycheque. However, he really needs his entire paycheque to pay for an upcoming concert, so he decides to spend 100 percent of his paycheque on the tickets. After purchasing the tickets online, Chris feels a great deal of anxiety. What concept does this illustrate?

  • 19

    Cognitive dissonance that results from having to reject one appealing choice in favour of another is known as ________.

  • 20

    Lewis has been with his firm for 25 years. He does not like the young lawyers who have been hired recently, and thinks that 25 year olds have no business working as lawyers. However, Lewis does not want to appear judgmental or rigid in front of his colleagues, so he keeps his attitudes to himself. This is an example of ________.