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Adapted by Rajiv Jhangiani, Capilano University

  • 01

    Your mental representation or overall sense of "you" that makes up all of the various beliefs you hold about yourself is referred to as ________.

  • 02

    ________ are like puzzle pieces that fit together to create one's overall self-concept.

  • 03

    Sociologist Charles Cooley coined what term to describe the way other people act as a mirror in which we perceive ourselves?

  • 04

    Dr. Erosa is a social psychologist who believes that the development of our identities is connected to the social groups to which we belong. To what theory does Dr. Erosa subscribe?

  • 05

    Cultures emphasizing ________ focus on the self as interdependent and defined by the connectedness of people to one another; while cultures emphasizing ________ focus on the self as independent of others and place more importance on individual goals.

  • 06

    Chinese students who are asked to respond to the question “Who am I?” most often respond with ________.

  • 07

    Shira spends a great deal of time thinking about the day she gets her first real job. She predicts that having the job will help her feel happier, more stable, and more at peace with herself. This process of predicting impact of future events on our emotional state is known as ________ and is usually inaccurate.

  • 08

    According to ________, our concepts of self are influenced by how close our actual selves are to the selves we would like to be.

  • 09

    Looking in a mirror, hearing yourself in a voicemail, and seeing a recent picture of yourself are all ways to increase _________.

  • 10

    The facial feedback hypothesis ________.

  • 11

    Which one of the following is NOT an example of extrinsic motivation?

  • 12

    Which one of the following statements about self-esteem is FALSE?

  • 13

    Deciding who or what is responsible for the outcome of a situation is known as ________.

  • 14

    Marcus failed his recent chemistry test and, though he did not study, he blames his failing grade on the teacher's grading methods, as well as the wording of test questions. This is an example of what self-serving bias?

  • 15

    Although there are 450 students applying to medical school, Dustin is certain that he will get one of the 15 spots, regardless of the fact that his GPA and his performance on the MCAT are significantly lower than his peers. This is an example of what self-serving bias?

  • 16

    The process of comparing yourself to someone who is less capable or worse off than you are is known as ________.

  • 17

    Studies show that individuals are more likely to wear shirts for their favourite sports team the day after a win, as opposed to the day after a loss. This is an example of ________.

  • 18

    When are we MOST likely to engage in self-handicapping?

  • 19

    ________ is the process of controlling others' impressions of us through flattery.

  • 20

    David constantly monitors his behaviour at school because he thinks that others are always noticing and judging his appearance, behaviour, and emotions. David's belief is an example of ________.