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Adapted by Rajiv Jhangiani, Capilano University

  • 01

    Which one of the following is NOT one of the three main facets of social psychology?

  • 02

    People often falsely assume that a relationship between two things exists because of the ________.

  • 03

    The process through which individuals form impressions of others and interpret information about them is known as ________.

  • 04

    ________ is the process through which other people affect an individual's thoughts or actions.

  • 05

    Kendra is studying journalism and is planning to write for a magazine upon graduation. Though Kendra is really interested in pursuing an engineering career, her parents think journalism is more stable, so she agreed to major in journalism. This is an example of what process?

  • 06

    ________ refers to the relationship between two or more individuals and results in ________.

  • 07

    ________ refers to the enhancement of a well-learned performance when another person is present.

  • 08

    Whose study, examining social facilitation, is considered to be the first published study in social psychology?

  • 09

    Coach Privit notices that his basketball players shoot better when in front of a crowd than when alone. This is an example of what phenomenon?

  • 10

    What phenomenon occurs when individuals make less of an effort when attempting to achieve a particular goal as a group than they would if they were attempting to achieve the goal on their own?

  • 11

    Jamie is a member of her school's rowing team. After a long day of school and work, Jamie attends rowing practice, but because she is tired, she doesn't put out her best effort. She knows her teammates will pick up the slack. This is an example of ________.

  • 12

    False conclusions can be derived through biased actions or thoughts via the ________ and the ________.

  • 13

    What organization was founded in an effort to bring together a national group of socially minded psychologists to address social and economic issues, applying social psychological research to social issues and public policy?

  • 14

    Which historical event completely changed the structure and direction of social psychology?

  • 15

    Research that is driven by curiosity or in order to obtain scientific information about a phenomenon is known as ________.

  • 16

    Amy believes Michael is a kind person. According to the ________, Amy will probably notice and remember when Michael holds the door open for her, but will probably ignore that Michael did not leave a tip at the restaurant.

  • 17

    Kurt Lewin coined the term "action research" to describe research ________.

  • 18

    What perspective emphasizes the fact that human behaviour is not only influenced by an individual's close companions, but also by the culture in which the individual lives?

  • 19

    Cultures that emphasize the individual in relation to his or her connectedness to those surrounding him or her are known as ________ cultures.

  • 20

    The phenomenon that causes individuals to assume that everyone shares the same opinion they do is known as ________.