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  • 01

    Which of the following statements about online social networking is incorrect?

  • 02

    Harriet believes that all Jennie's impersonal actions are due to the fact that Jennie is simply a mean and antisocial person. Fritz Heider would say that Harriet is making a(n) ________ attribution.

  • 03

    Moses is walking down the street when he sees a woman crying and screaming in the middle of the road. He automatically thinks to himself that the woman is "crazy." He completely ignores the cat lying motionless near the front tire of the woman's car. By making a decision about the woman based on her character and ignoring the situation, Moses has committed the ________.

  • 04

    Mary decides to enrol in a class where she will be taught to focus on situational rather than dispositional explanations for the behaviours of others so as to reduce attributional biases. What is Mary enrolled in?

  • 05

    When you do well, you believe that your success is due to your own ability. However, when you do poorly you blame your failure on the situation. You are displaying the ________.

  • 06

    The tendency for people to behave in accordance with others' expectations is known as the ________ effect.

  • 07

    Jack had an accident in which he sustained injury to his temporal lobe. During his recovery, Jack started to realize that he could not process facial features. Jack's doctors later diagnosed him with a condition known as ________.

  • 08

    Claire wants to be accepted by her peers. Which type of social influence would Claire's desire best match?

  • 09

    The unconscious mimicry of other people's expressions, behaviours, and voice tones is known as the ________ effect.

  • 10

    All of the following conditions increase the likelihood of conformity, except ________.

  • 11

    Maria tripped on the sidewalk and broke her ankle. She is most likely to get help if ________ people saw her fall.

  • 12

    You are a participant in a replication of the Milgram Obedience study. You would be least likely to obey the authority figure when ________.

  • 13

    When a disconnect exists between your internal attitudes and your external behaviour, you are likely to experience ________.

  • 14

    Your sister asks you to drive her and three of her friends to a concert that is three hours away. When you say no, she asks you to take them to the mall that is only ten minutes away instead. She used the ________ technique to get you to comply with her request.

  • 15

    Which of the following statements about attractiveness is incorrect?

  • 16

    ________ occurs when group members' opinions become so uniform that all dissent becomes impossible.

  • 17

    The belief that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people reflects the ________ phenomenon.

  • 18

    The frustration-aggression hypothesis states that ________ occurs when people feel blocked in obtaining their goals.

  • 19

    All of the following are motives for prosocial behaviour, except ________.

  • 20

    Helpful behaviour that is carried out without concern for one's own safety or self-interest is called ________.