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  • 01

    The way a speaker uses vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, length, language devices, and syntax in expressing a message is known as

  • 02

    Core speaking styles include all of the following, except

  • 03

    The text describes most great advertising as using which core speaking style?

  • 04

    If you are attempting to persuade a group of people to support your ideas, what style is the most likely to influence your audience?

  • 05

    Language intensity refers to

  • 06

    Two rhetorical devices that work well in persuasive presentations are

  • 07

    When you begin a series of words with the same sound, it is known as ___________.

  • 08

    The ______________ style uses poetic language and has the remarkable ability to capture profound thoughts and ideas in a few simple words.

  • 09

    Rahim was unexpectedly asked during his weekly staff meeting to give an update on a project that he and his team had been working on. What type of speaking is this?

  • 10

    Dave prepared several notecards for his speech. He practiced several times, not changing the content, but adjusting his delivery slightly. When he gave his presentation, he focused primarily on the audience, making eye contact, and referring to his notes occasionally. This type of speaking style is __________________.

  • 11

    When a speaker trips over his or her words, struggles to find the right words to express his or her ideas, and pauses at awkward moments during the presentation, he or she should work to improve their _____________________.

  • 12

    Eye contact promotes all of the following for the speaker, except

  • 13

    When you glance at a particular section of your notes quickly, and then return to your attention to the audience, you are _____________________.

  • 14

    Memorized delivery has the following disadvantages: requires extensive time to memorize, can sound stilted and insincere, lacks spontaneity, and _____________________.

  • 15

    Articulation refers to ______________________.

  • 16

    Which statement is true about visual aids?

  • 17

    The function of visual aids includes attracting audience attention and _____________.

  • 18

    The text discusses the following presentation aids: graphs, tables, text charts, pie charts, diagrams, and _________________________.

  • 19

    Handouts include references, copies of speaker notes, and additional resources. Handouts should be _____________________.

  • 20

    Design principles for presentation aids include: preview key points, have clear headlines, exercise restraint, choose readable fonts and colours, and ____________________.