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  • 01

    The top-ranked speaking skill for both working professionals and college students is _________________________.

  • 02

    Characteristics of an effective purpose statement include all of these, except:

  • 03

    ________________ refers to the ability to understand, respect, and adapt to the audience before and during the presentation.

  • 04

    Elements of purpose, others, self, and ___________ are interconnected when developing a presentation.

  • 05

    Anna chose to speak about the importance of educating young adults about the dangers of texting and driving. Her audience was primarily parents of teens who were learning to drive. The parents were very interested in this topic because it was _______________.

  • 06

    Alvin knew that his audience for his presentation about global citizenship would primarily consist of diverse college students ranging in age from 19–30 years. This information is a result of which type of audience analysis?

  • 07

    When you ask your audience if they agree or disagree with your position you are analyzing their __________________.

  • 08

    Speaker credibility consists of all of the following, except

  • 09

    Ethos is determined by _________________, while ethics is determined by______________.

  • 10

    The strategic planning, arranging, and use of people, facilities, time, and materials relevant to a presentation are known as _____________________.

  • 11

    The _______________________ is an organizational tool that organizes the introduction, central ideas, key points, support, and conclusion.

  • 12

    Which of the following is a good tip for starting your presentation?

  • 13

    Goals for your conclusion are to be memorable, be clear, and be ______________.

  • 14

    Communication that seeks to increase audience awareness of a topic by presenting the latest information is known as

  • 15

    All of the following are strategies for explaining difficult terms, except

  • 16

    Persuasive proof includes: logical proof, emotional proof, personal proof, and ________________.

  • 17

    Stories are often used to engage the audience. Most good stories are structured in the following manner: title of story, _____________, character development, action or conflict, high point or story climax, punch line, conclusion or resolution.

  • 18

    ________________________ suggests that when a person perceives a threat to their ability to act or believe as they choose, that person tends to go out of their way to rebel against the prohibiting authority and do the forbidden behaviour.

  • 19

    Heuristics are _______________________ shortcuts we use in decision making because they are correct often enough to be useful.

  • 20

    Tips for using humour include all of the following, except: