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  • 01

    Group problem solving is

  • 02

    ___________ is a passing of judgment about an issue under consideration.

  • 03

    The first and most important task for all groups to accomplish is

  • 04

    The deterioration of group effectiveness due to in-group pressure is known as ____________.

  • 05

    Christine belonged to a group that required everyone in the group to agree on the chosen course of action before they could continue. This approach to group decision making is known as

  • 06

    The management team was trying to decide on a new policy for attendance. Half of the group wanted to make it more lenient, the other half of the group wanted to make the policy stricter. The group was in a deadlock. The executive branch of the company decided to implement a stricter attendance policy. This type of decision making is known as

  • 07

    Alexandra wanted to consider every possible course of action, weighing the positive and negative consequences of each decision. She would be described as a __________ decision maker.

  • 08

    Brainstorming works well in all of these situations, except:

  • 09

    When a group has multiple options to sort through, the text recommends which of the following methods to reduce the options?

  • 10

    When a group becomes too focused on analyzing a problem, and fails to make a decision, it is known as

  • 11

    Careful planning of a meeting can prevent at least __________ of wasted time for every hour of a group’s meeting.

  • 12

    The ________ outlines the items to be discussed and the tasks to be addressed in the meeting.

  • 13

    The DOT technique consists of the following steps: generate ideas, post ideas, sort ideas, and __________________.

  • 14

    If you are part of a virtual decision making group, all of the following are effective forms of technology to utilize, except

  • 15

    Self-censorship, rationalization, morality, pressure on dissent, and the illusion of unanimity are all symptoms of ____________________.

  • 16

    The ______________ approach to group problem solving involves clarifying the task at hand, understanding and analyzing the problem, assessing possible solutions, and implementing the decision or plan.

  • 17

    Whenever there was a conflict over a task in his group, Tom quickly agreed to take on the task even though it would mean extra work for him. Tom’s conflict style is described as __________________________.

  • 18

    The text discusses the AEIOU model of conflict resolution. In this model the “E” stands for _______________________ your feelings.

  • 19

    The six-step model of conflict resolution includes: _________________, initiation, confrontation, consideration, resolution, and reevaluation.

  • 20

    A(n) __________________ can reduce tension and hostility in the conflict resolution process.