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  • 01

    Group communication is defined as the interaction between three or more interdependent people working _________________.

  • 02

    Shauna’s failure to complete the literature review for their topic affects the grade of her group members. This is an example of what characteristic of groups?

  • 03

    The primary advantage of working in groups is

  • 04

    Groups created to take on a specific task are known as

  • 05

    Paul finds a lot of comfort and support in his family. His family accepts him, encourages him, and is there for him in happy and sad times. His family is a __________ for Paul.

  • 06

    In a ____________________ group members present short, uninterrupted presentations about different aspects of a topic for audience members.

  • 07

    A ________________ often follows a symposium, giving opportunities for audience members to express their thoughts and opinions about the topic.

  • 08

    Group members usually experience _____________________ when they are initially getting to know each other.

  • 09

    A hidden agenda is

  • 10

    All of the following behaviours are characteristics of primary tension, except

  • 11

    Tuckman’s group development model includes all of these stages, except

  • 12

    _________________ is the mutual attraction that holds a group together.

  • 13

    Rahij is part of a group that has been working together on a class project for a couple of months. At their last project meeting, Rahij explained that he felt they were on the wrong path, and that the group had misunderstood the assignment. Sheri disagreed with Rahij and felt it would be a waste of time to begin again. Rahij and Sheri had disagreed in the past, both wanting to establish themselves as the leader of the group. This type of group tension is known as

  • 14

    Sets of expectations held by group members concerning what type of behaviours and opinions are acceptable within a group are known as

  • 15

    Vince was part of a group that had established the following behaviour as their norm: socialize for 10 minutes, work for 20 minutes, and then return to more socializing. Vince observed that they got little accomplished, so at their next meeting, Vince began discussing group tasks immediately, and the result was the group was significantly more productive. Vince’s breaking away from established group norms is an example of_______________.

  • 16

    Sheena is part of a group that has some shy and quiet members. Each time the group meets, Sheena makes a point of speaking to each person individually, encouraging their participation, and making space for them to share their ideas and opinions. As a result, all members feel connected to each other and have a stronger relationship. The role Sheena is playing in the group is ____________________.

  • 17

    Jun is part of a group in which several members do not express their opinions easily. Jun has begun a practice of asking each member individually for their opinions before group decisions are made. According to your text, this function or role is classified as __________________.

  • 18

    Wes enjoys having a good time and believes it is important for the group to be happy group while they work on writing an important analysis. He regularly interrupts the work with a joke or story and the group is beginning to become annoyed that they are not staying on track with the tasks. Wes’s role in the group is best described as ________________.

  • 19

    ____________ seeks an ideal fit between the leader and leadership role.

  • 20

    The approach to leadership that asserts that people are born with leadership qualities is ___________________.