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  • 01

    Poor superior–subordinate relationships negatively impact _______________, job satisfaction, and employee retention.

  • 02

    Supervisory strategies for openness and trust include all the following, except

  • 03

    Coworker relationships can be a problem when each person won’t ____________________, or when the workers have very different work styles.

    cover for each other
  • 04

    When evaluating whether you and your coworker share work values, you are determining whether you meet which criteria of a satisfying coworker relationship?

  • 05

    The ways that shared symbols, beliefs, values, and norms affect the behaviours of people working in and with an organization are discussed in _______________.

  • 06

    A group of people who engage in behaviours and share values that are, in part, different from the larger group is known as a(n)

  • 07

    _______________ is an unverified story or statement about the facts of a situation.

  • 08

    One way to manage the need or desire for gossip in an organization is

  • 09

    Rick and Kate work in adjacent stations. Rick has a picture of a partially dressed woman posed in a sexually suggestive manner hanging on his station wall. Additionally, Rick talks with his friends openly and loudly about which women in the office are attractive and which are not. They often make jokes about these women and often direct them to Kate. All of this behaviour upsets Kate. This is considered

  • 10

    When you resign from a position with a company, it is important to do all of the following, except

  • 11

    It was time for Sherri’s performance review with her boss Jenn. Jenn scheduled a time for them to sit down and discuss Sherri’s performance over the past 3 months. This is known as a(n) ____________ interview.

  • 12

    Jamaal, Alexa, and Larry are preparing to interview candidates to fill the position of mail clerk in their growing office. They are preparing for a(n) __________ interview.

  • 13

    A __________ question suggests or implies the desired response.

  • 14

    Rose was interviewing for a job. The interviewer asked her how she dealt with adversity. Rose responded that she handled it very well. The interviewer then asked her to describe how specifically she handled a particular adverse situation in her current job. This follow-up question is known as a(n) __________________ question.

  • 15

    “Are you planning to have children?” is an example of a(n) ________________ question.

  • 16

    William went online and researched the company that he had applied to prior to his interview. He was feeling very prepared. The outcome of this research includes all the following, except

  • 17

    After a job interview it is important to do all of the following, except

  • 18

    The text notes that the typical Canadian will change careers approximately ______ times.

  • 19

    Questions you should ask during an interview include all of the following, except:

  • 20

    Ways to enhance your first impression in a job interview include all of the following, except