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  • 01

    An emotion is the _________________ you have when reacting to a situation.

  • 02

    Robert Plutchik’s ________________ emotion theory explores the development and meaning of emotions.

  • 03

    Primary emotions include all the following, except __________________.

  • 04

    Secondary emotions develop through ____________ and ______________.

  • 05

    The complexity of emotional responses includes: physiological, nonverbal reactions, __________________, and verbal expression.

  • 06

    Some emotions are hardwired responses for survival, some are learned, and some are influenced by ___________________.

  • 07

    The capacity for recognizing our own feeling and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships is known as

  • 08

    Intrapersonal communication strategies include all the following, except

  • 09

    Interpersonal communication strategies include all the following, except

  • 10

    The text describes emotional intelligence as the ability to _________________ and problem-solve emotions.

  • 11

    The dimensions of emotional intelligence include self-awareness, ________________, motivation, social empathy, and social skills.

  • 12

    Workplace benefits of emotionally intelligent employees include all the following, except

  • 13

    In the workplace there are two emotional responses. These are task-related and _________________.

  • 14

    Emotionally intelligent leaders have the ability to ____________, guide, and mentor members of their team.

  • 15

    “I’m here to listen and to help because I care” is an example of

  • 16

    “Tell me about what happened and how you are feeling” is an example of

  • 17

    “I can see you are trying very hard to deal with this problem” is an example of

  • 18

    Storytelling provides __________________ to make sense of events in our lives.

  • 19

    Catharsis is the ________________ of emotional strain that can help make sense of a situation.

  • 20

    Every culture uses ____________ to deal with life’s _______________ events.