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  • 01

    William Schutz’s interpersonal needs theory states that we communicate interpersonally to satisfy one the following three needs: inclusion, affection, and __________.

  • 02

    Personal relationships affect ________________, physical health, _____________, social and moral development, and your ability to cope with stress.

  • 03

    Impression management are the _______________ we use to shape and control the way other people see us.

  • 04

    We negotiate conversational turn-taking primarily through our ______________.

  • 05

    Tony disagreed with Hailey’s argument about abortion. After Hailey had explained her position, Tony began his response by complimenting the developed argument that Hailey had presented. Tony’s compliment to Hailey is an example of

  • 06

    All of the following are strategies that people use in order to manage the impression they make, except

  • 07

    Turn yielding cues are

  • 08

    One strategy to keep a conversation going is to

  • 09

    When you express disagreement in a way that respects others’ perspectives, the conflict is said to be

  • 10

    All of the following must be considered in mindful communication, except

  • 11

    The process of sharing personal information, opinions, and emotions with others that would not otherwise be known to them is

  • 12

    Caroline is interested in a personal relationship with Kevin. They are talking and Caroline reveals she is recently divorced. This piece of information would be part of which pane in the Johari Window?

  • 13

    Information that others know about you but you don’t know is which pane of the Johari Window?

  • 14

    All of the following are strategies for effective self-disclosure, except:

  • 15

    Which one of these statements is NOT an effective feedback strategy?

  • 16

    Rachel and Samantha were discussing a work problem. Rachel stated her position with conviction, and would not listen to anything Samantha offered about solving the problem. Rachel’s position of conviction would be what type of behaviour according to your text?

  • 17

    DESC scripting refers to:

  • 18

    Jackson’s boss asks him to work over the weekend. Jackson agrees, but doesn’t mention the important family function that is also on the same weekend. He comes into work and misses the family gathering. This is an example of

  • 19

    Being assertive may involve breaking _________________ habits.

  • 20

    Social penetration theory looks at the relationship bonding that occurs when individuals move from ________________ to ___________________ communication