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  • 01

    According to the authors, every language spoken on the planet

  • 02

    The three elements of language, according Odgen and Richards’s Triangle of Meaning are the referent, the symbol, and ___________________.

  • 03

    The dictionary definition of the word is known as the

  • 04

    Many people associate fear with the word death. This type of emotional response is known as the

  • 05

    Identify which of the following statements is the most concrete.

  • 06

    ______________ is the theory that claims that language influences how we see, experience, and interpret the world around us.

  • 07

    Some people tend to use questions to end their statements, such as, “Don’t you agree?” These are known as

  • 08

    The ways in which individuals often modify their verbal and nonverbal communication to generate meaning depending on the context is called

  • 09

    According to your text, effective communicators learn to adapt their _____________ according to the context.

  • 10

    When two people completely miss one another’s meaning in an interaction, this is what type of communication barrier discussed in your text?

  • 11

    The use of jargon can create what type of communication barrier, according to your text?

  • 12

    You should speak the way you ________, not the way you ___________.

  • 13

    ______________________ language uses vivid, expressive verbs.

  • 14

    According to your text, effective communicators use ________________ language.

  • 15

    In which voice is the following sentence written? “The book was taken back to the library by Nick.”

  • 16

    The three components of I language include all of the following, except

  • 17

    According to your text, using too many words to express yourself when fewer words will do, is known as

  • 18

    All of these are neutral words, except

  • 19

    Slang helps language change and ________________ itself.

  • 20

    When you use you language, you are saying that ________ make(s) you feel a certain way, rather than accepting that you ___________ how you feel.