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  • 01

    ______________ requires physical ability, but _____________ requires complex thinking ability.

  • 02

    Listening is often cited as the communication skill that is

  • 03

    Listening, on average, occupies ____________ of time in our overall communication.

  • 04

    Listening is the process of receiving, constructing meaning from, and _______ spoken and or nonverbal messages.

  • 05

    _______________ recognizes that listening involves more than your ability to tap into your short-term memory.

  • 06

    The ability to accurately distinguish auditory and/or visual stimuli is known as

  • 07

    Willa always seems to get the right message whenever someone speaks. She is able to fully understand all of the points as well as the overall message. This would suggest that Willa has strong _______________ listening skills.

  • 08

    Having a questioning plan, keeping your questions simple, asking permission to ask questions, asking nonthreatening questions, and __________________ are all strategies that will improve your comprehensive listening skills.

  • 09

    The ability to understand and identify with a person’s situation and feelings is known as ____________________.

  • 10

    Jarred is a strong student who is known for his ability to critically evaluate class lectures. He listens for details and thinks objectively about the information that is presented in class. Jarred is a(n) _____________ listener.

  • 11

    Shenise loves music. She listens to a wide variety of styles, but is not very good at identifying the band or person singing. She does not worry about the quality of the recording, and finds music just makes her feel relaxed and happy. Shenise would be described as listening _________________.

  • 12

    _____________________ refers to the fact that most people speak at 100–125 words per minute while most people think at 3–4 times that rate of speed.

  • 13

    Ralph Nichols, the father of listening research, has said that we must always withhold _______________ until our comprehension is complete.

  • 14

    The ability to restate what others say in a way that demonstrates that you understand them, or reflective listening, is known as

  • 15

    A statement that identifies your belief or position on a particular topic is called

  • 16

    Emmanuel stated that his company will see a 200% increase in profits next year. This type of claim is known as a

  • 17

    Jose went to see his new doctor, Dr. King. The visit did not go well because Jose had to wait 1.5 hours to see the doctor. Jose found a different doctor, and when his friend asked for Jose’s recommendation for a new doctor, Jose said that Dr. King was not a good doctor who did not manage time well. Jose did not know that on the day of his visit, Dr. King had a personal emergency and, in fact, Dr. King had been recognized for excellent patient care, seeing patients within 10 minutes of arriving in the office. This is an example of which fallacy of argument?

  • 18

    Donald SchÖen (1983) identifies ________________________ and ____________________ as two types of reflection.

  • 19

    Reflective practice involves _____________ to ________________and ask questions to understand yourself and others.

  • 20

    A reflective cycle is a process that utilizes _____________________ to better understand your experiences.