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  • 01

    _______________ is the mistaken belief that your culture is superior to another culture.

  • 02

    Alison, Carlos, Alysha, and Damien were assigned to work in the same group for a semester-long project in their Communication Studies class. They introduced themselves to each other, and Damien mentioned that he played for the school’s football team. As soon as their meeting broke up, Alison and Carlos began to talk about their new group. Alison expressed some concerns about Damien, stating that because he was a football player he wasn’t as serious about his studies, so he won’t contribute very much to the project. Alison’s statements about Damien can be considered

  • 03

    According to your text, ___________ lead to prejudices.

  • 04

    Ruhina as very uncomfortable around elderly people. She had never known her grandparents and had really no direct experience relating to people over the age of 70. When her friend, Sahar, asked her to volunteer at a local nursing home once a week, Ruhina replied that she didn’t like working with the elderly because they can be bossy and mean. Based on this situation, Ruhina’s comment about elderly people is considered

  • 05

    According to your text, ____________ often leads to an abuse of power.

  • 06

    All of the following are characteristics of prejudice, according to your text, except

  • 07

    Our ______________ is our self-concept resulting from the social categories to which we see ourselves belonging.

  • 08

    Your text explains that the first step in understanding others is

  • 09

    You text defines religious literacy as

  • 10

    All of the following are dimensions of culture as defined by researcher Edward T. Hall, except

  • 11

    When someone is able to see people, cultures, and world contexts through a variety of perspectives they are in the final stage of ________________________.

  • 12

    Kevin works for a large, international organization. He is accustomed to walking into his boss’s office to ask questions whenever his boss is free. On a recent business trip to China, Kevin was embarrassed when he walked into the manager’s office in the Chinese location. Kevin was met with cold stares and told to speak with his immediate superior. This is an example of a difference in _____________, as defined by your text.

  • 13

    In _______________ societies, men are expected to be assertive and focused on material success and women are expected to be modest, tender, and concerned with quality of life.

  • 14

    Veronica is often late for appointments and doesn’t mind when her friends interrupt when she is working. She most likely holds a ________________ view of time.

  • 15

    Members of _________________ tend to speak more often, more loudly, and faster than members of _____________________ cultures.

  • 16

    Muted group theory observes that

  • 17

    When we allow rigid and false distinctions to become habits of thought and behaviour, it is known as

  • 18

    The communication accommodation theory states that

  • 19

    Mindful communicators do all of the following, except

  • 20

    In collectivist cultures, which statement best describes what individuals work towards?