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    Self-awareness is defined in your text as

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    Sam and Jenna were talking about texting and driving laws. Sam feels that it is a ridiculous law, while Jenna feels very strongly that texting and driving is extremely dangerous. Jenna is listening to Sam’s point of view and finds herself becoming very agitated and angry. Jenna was having difficulty paying attention and concentrating on Sam’s thoughts, already planning what she was going to say in response to Sam’s ideas. Jenna wasn’t even listening to Sam anymore and realizing this Jenna recognized that her anger was affecting her ability to be open and to listen without judgment. Jenna took some deep breaths, calmed down, and was able to listen attentively. Jenna’s awareness of her anger and its affect on her ability to listen is an example of

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    According to your text, self-awareness, the influence of others, past experiences, and cultural perspective are considered some of the significant factors influencing

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    Rahim plays basketball for his college basketball team (the Mustangs). When people ask him to describe himself, the first thing he says is that he is a Mustang. His basketball team is a ___________________ for Rahim.

  • 05

    Chapter 2 provides the following suggestions to avoid self-deception. You should use two types of self-appraisal when you assess yourself: actual performance and _____________.

  • 06

    The process of evaluating yourself in relation to others in your reference groups is known as

  • 07

    Self-esteem is defined in your text as.

  • 08

    According to your text, all of the following are factors that contribute to your self-esteem, except

  • 09

    Zhang Li, a student who was working full-time to support herself, was very stressed when she signed up for an accounting course. She told her best friend that she was going to fail. Throughout the semester she missed opportunities to get extra help, and made very little time to study or complete her assignments. Zhang Li didn’t use office hours to ask her professor for help and told herself it was a waste of time because she was going to fail regardless. When she did fail the course, she was upset but not surpriseD. Zhang Li’s prediction of failing and subsequent failing is an example of

  • 10

    The practice of behaving in ways that are consistent with your values and beliefs, while also understanding and respecting others is

  • 11

    The process used to select, organize, and interpret sensory stimuli is

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    Jake and Jamaal attended a college hockey game. Jake saw Jamaal across the rink and noticed him standing with a girl he didn’t recognize. The next day in class, Jake asked Jamaal why he hadn’t told him about his new girlfriend. Jamaal looked at Jake, confused, and said “I don’t have a new girlfriend.” Jake replied, “I saw you with her at the game.” Jamaal was still confused and replied, “I wasn’t with anyone at the game, and my girlfriend is Maggie.” Jake’s assumption that Jamaal had a new girlfriend because he saw them standing together is an example of

  • 13

    According to your text, which one of the following does NOT affect the way in which you interpret experiences?

  • 14

    When you take the time to notice and analyze how you select, organize, and interpret information, you are practicing

  • 15

    _________________ is when you experience either real or anticipated communication anxiety when speaking with another person or persons.

  • 16

    When Sama first thought about her presentation, she thought she would make a fool of herself. As Sama began to learn and practice strategies that would help her to manage her stress and anxiety, she began to tell herself that she could do this, and she was confident when presenting in front of the class. This change in statements is called

  • 17

    Emma was very nervous to give her speech. To counter this, Emma decided to imagine herself in a variety of situations, ranging from a successful speech to a complete failure, including forgetting all of the main points and having everyone in the audience laughing at her. As she thought about each scenario, she relaxed her body and began to concentrate on staying relaxed, no matter what happened. This technique is known as

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    The factors listed in your text that affect the stimuli you select as you perceive situations and events are all of the following, except

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    The perception principle that describes focusing on certain features, like a figure, while deemphasizing less important stimuli, like the ground is the

  • 20

    A set of behaviours associated with an expected function, in a specific context or relationship is a(n)