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    Communication is defined by the text as

  • 02

    A national survey of human resource managers indicated that _________ are the single most critical factor for obtaining a job and advancing in your career.

  • 03

    According to your text, executives for Fortune 500 companies claim that the college graduates they hire need better communication skills as well as a demonstrated ability to

  • 04

    The circumstances in which communication takes place is known as the

  • 05

    William decided to discuss his career path with his boss. He respects his boss and feels that she can give him a lot of good advice. They had worked together as peers in another department and developed a solid friendship before his boss was promoted to a management position. William had respected his boss’s motivation, drive, and talents as she was promoted to a management position. Because of their history, William feels very comfortable discussing his career goals with his boss. This information describes the _________________ of communication, as described in your text, which will occur between William and his boss as they discuss his future career path.

  • 06

    Interaction between a limited number of people, usually two, for the purpose of sharing information, achieving a goal, or maintaining a relationship is known as

  • 07

    According to media richness theory, _______________ communication is the richest form of communication.

  • 08

    The various physical and electronic media through which we express messages are known as

  • 09

    The _____________________ model of communication views each person involved as both the sender and receiver of communication.

  • 10

    Jack was talking with Ara about a project they have due in class. They were in a crowded restaurant and were surrounded by parties that were talking loudly. Jack was having a difficult time hearing what Ara was saying. This is an example of

  • 11

    The decision-making process you use to interpret, evaluate, and respond to the meaning of verbal and nonverbal messages is known as

  • 12

    The _____________ model of communication recognizes that we send and receive messages simultaneously within specific contexts. For instance, as we listen to messages, we are also sending messages nonverbally.

  • 13

    Kathy was thinking about how to tell Brandon that she no longer wanted to see him. When she carefully chose the words she would use to let Brandon know and she began to speak with him, she was _________________ her message.

  • 14

    In the ______________ model of communication, one communicator speaks at a time, and the other listens; communicators do not engage in both sending and receiving messages at the same time.

  • 15

    Ethical issues arise whenever we communicate because

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    Rahim spoke with department of 50 individuals to explain a new policy that the management team that he is part of will be implementing. He developed a speech to deliver to his department so that when he spoke with them the message would be carefully thought out and consistent. This type of communication is known as

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    Group communication as defined by your text as

  • 18

    Simon decided to run for public office. He scheduled an interview with a local news reporter to discuss his platform in an attempt to reach the largest audience possible. His interview was aired on the 6 p.m. news and broadcast on the television station’s web channel. The aired interview is known as what type of communication?

  • 19

    The theory that examines the ways in which the qualities of different media affect communication is known as

  • 20

    All of the following are key elements and guiding principles of effective communication as defined by your text, except: